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Green Bubble Skirt

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Green Bubble Skirt

$150.00 Regular price $70.00
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The Bubble skirt is one of our most loved Styles. Its design combines two full circles sewn together to create a unique and flattering drape, this skirt is suitable for many different body shapes and sizes.

It has a thin binding on the waist and hem. One deep pocket on the right side with an invisible zip on left. While the skirt is versatile it was designed to sit firmly on your true waist (where your belly button is) and should fall below the knee depending on how tall you are. This skirt is designed with comfort and style in mind and can be worn in summer or paired with tights / leggings in the winter. 

Designed and constructed in our Melbourne studio by us.

Fabric Details:

100% Denim fabric.

The fabric for this product was sourced sustainably by our team right here in Melbourne.

Choosing a size:

Scarlette is wearing a size 10 skirt, her waist is 78 cm and height is 172 cm.

Height of this skirt from waist to hem approximately from size 08 to size 20 is 75 cm.

Use below sizes as a rough guide only:

Choose the skirt size depending on how relaxed or fitted you normally like to wear.

Choose the size closest to your measurements. If you already have this cut go by your old dress size.

If you are new to this style we recommend choosing the size closest to your measurements.

You will find most of the time you will fit into at least 2 sizes, this is natural as the difference between sizes is minor.

If your not sure which size to buy we'll help you out, just send us an email to with your chest and hip measurement.  

Size guide:

The below measurements taken when skirt laying flat on a table. 

Size:08 - waist circumference: 65 cm 

Size:10 - waist circumference: 70 cm 

Size:12 - waist circumference: 75 cm 

Size:14 - waist circumference: 80 cm 

Size:16 - waist circumference: 85 cm 

Size:18 - waist circumference: 90 cm 

Size:20 - waist circumference: 95 cm 


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