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Founded in Melbourne in 2005, NMBQ was created to inspire a change in the way we consume fashion.

Designed for all body shapes and sizes, our pieces are made ethically and sustainably using rescued fabric that would otherwise go to waste. 

Due to the way in which our fabric is sourced, every NMBQ garment is unique and is part of a limited edition collection. How many rolls of fabric we can rescue will determine how many of each style we can make. There's no guarantee we'll ever be able to recreate our collections exactly in the future. Designing with rescued fabric is challenging and requires a good deal of flexibility, spontaneity and a fantastic team of dedicated designers and makers, which luckily we have!

We carry a number of in-house brands designed and manufactured at our Melbourne studio. We are passionate about local, sustainable and ethically produced clothing and it is with this ethos we print and manufacture our brands NMBQ, So Forgotten, One2Tree4 and Post-Modern Delinquent.







Our method of production not only avoids waste, it actively reduces it. 

We see fashion as a mode of self expression. It can be bold, it can be humbling, it can be a source of artistic creation and joy. Yet the darkest part of the textile and fashion industry is its gargantuan contribution to the worlds waste.

It is with this in heart and mind that over a decade ago we started building the framework of a brand that not only avoided contributing to the excess waste of the rag trade, but actively reduced it. The NMBQ philosophy rest on five pillars of sustainability:

Rescued Fabric: All of our fabrics are 100% up-cycled. We acquire them from nontraditional sources, such as auction houses, markets and rejects.

Unseasonal: Due to our sourcing methods our fabrics are non-seasonal stock. As a consequence our stock doesn't have an expiry date and is housed until sold, drastically reducing our waste. 

Recycled 2.0: Any damaged or occasional unsold items are recut and made into our children's wear line One Two Tree Four. While this means double the work hours, we think it's totally worth it.

Our Patch Promise: Good clothing should last a lifetime, which is why every NMBQ piece comes with free *lifetime mending.

Reduced Footprint: We source fabric locally 90% of the time, drastically reducing our need to use shipping and freight companies and effectively reducing our carbon footprint.


Our brick and mortar store is located in Brunswick where we also do alterations and dressmaking. 




Our parent company, New Model Beauty Queen (the OG NMBQ), was established with capabilities of printing and manufacturing as well as providing a range of services to independent and emerging brands in Australia. It is via New Model Beauty Queen that we work with and continue to support emerging Australian labels and brands that value sustainability in an increasingly unsustainable industry. 

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